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Dali's timeSo, what is the big issue? How much added time United get, or how long past that do referees go, before blowing the final whistle? I thought it was the second. Let’s see, then.

In 48 games when United were ahead, the average amount of stoppage time was 191.35 seconds. In 12 matches when United were drawing or losing there was an average of 257.17sec.

So, what does this show? 3 minutes, in average, of extra time, and just 11.35 seconds excess on this, when United were winning. In contrast to 4 minutes, average extra time, and 17.57 seconds, excess on it.

A ha! United get 6.22 seconds more excessive added time when they are not winning!!!

Poor refs! They can’t afford a Swiss watch, and make 11 to 17 seconds errors…

And do tell me, please; when are you more likely to bring on more substitutes? When is it more likely that your opponent will waste time? When is a ref more likely to add extra time? When loosing or when winning?


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