What I miss most on wordpress.com; e-mail me my comments

Dear wordpress.com,

I wish you would email me every comment I make on blogs –mine included, together with the respective url, just like you do with other people’s comments when I subscribe to a discussion. It’s funny to be able to track and keep offline other people’s comments, but not my own ones. My comments feature seems useless to me, unless I am missing something there…

Thank you, in advance

PS. Could you do one more thing for me? give me an option to subscribe to comments of any new post I choose; so that I don’t have to make a comment first.

update: OK, I can partly do this by subscribing to each individual post’s comments feed (kudos, AA). But I would still miss any comments made before the initial subscription to the feed (you only get the latest ten items if it’s a brand new feed for Google Reader. Is it different for other aggregators? which one?)

update 2: To cut the long story short, just as we have «Send me site updates», I would like a «Send me comments updates» with a submit button next to it, so that I don’t have to comment first, if I have nothing to say.