Crete: heaven on the Aegean

The nearest town is Agios Nikolaos, just a quick ride away in the hotel’s speedboat and formerly known to British holidaymakers as «Ag Nik» when it was home to the worst kind of kiss-me quickery and drunken vomiting in the streets.

No more – it has made strenuous efforts to gentrify, with considerable success. Its harsh Seventies architecture betrays its brasher past but the narrow streets are now lined with upmarket jewellery boutiques, trendy bars and good restaurants.


Μα τι θέλουν πια; Τους δίνεις τον παράδεισο κι αυτοί κοιτούν προς την κόλαση; σίγουρα φταίει ο σύριζα.


Συντάκτης: Stazybο Hοrn

I am what I publish; so you are to me.

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